Monday, April 19, 2010

Mission Statement

Just like any business venture, I consider this blog my mission. Every teacher knows there is never enough time. Simple trying to manage your daily case load, assess, plan, instruct and evaluate leaves little time for much else. So here it mission. Inside those books, neatly organized and shelved in my closet, that rarely see sunlight are stories that resonate with children.

So it's time to break the bindings, open the covers, and discover the wealth of possibilities. Inside each book are opportunities to teach and develop readers. This blog is more a forum; a place for teachers to read and post ideas for those often unused books, that house so much undiscovered potential. Each post will include summaries, classroom uses and *hopefully* internet resources for teachers. I look forward to the many things I will discover and the stories that will have lasting impressions on my students.

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