Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The OK Book

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, everything turns out just OK. That's how things seem to be going these days, the perfect time to read this story....

The letters OK come together to make the character in this story, who imparts on the reader that it's alright to try things and just be OK. That someday, each one of us is really good at something, but that having fun trying new things is part of the journey.

The simple illustrations, the letters O and K (turned sideways to make 2 arms and 2 legs), make this a book that even the youngest readers can illustrate. Knowing this, it provides an opportunity for students to create "quick" illustrations based on the pattern in the story as you read the story.

After read a few pages, the kids figure out that OK is only OK at each thing it tries. In each pictures, something is not all the way right (ie. the alright sharer with the sandwich in 2 unequal pieces). It invites a conversation about what and OK person would look like as they were doing different activities. Predicting through illustrations gets all learners engage and involved.

This text can also easily be mimicked to make a pattern book. I'm an OK ________. With simple illustrations, students can create several sentences that follow the pattern, or each child can contribute one idea to a class text.

The message of this story is a fabulous one that resonates even with the youngest of readers. Engaging these students in discusses and determine the criteria for being OK and being good is something that can help you motivate your students and build their self confidence. It also reminds us as adults that while things might not be going perfect, OK is just fine.

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